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In our blog we will share with you short stories about design and ergonomics, studies related to the office environment, technologies and trends, information about our products, projects and campaigns. Hopefully what inspires us will inspire you too! Enjoy reading!


Usually this is the place where we are inspired with the best ideas in the office. Why it is so? At the “first space” — our workstation we spend most of the day, overwhelmed by tasks and staring at the computer. In the “second space”, conference halls, we participate in formal organized meetings and discussions. “Third Spaces” are the “other”, “different”, “informal” spaces in the office, where we are mostly “ourselves” rather than the position we occupy. Whether it’s for relaxation area, meeting room with a modern look, PlayStation corner, place for lunch with colleagues or any other, “third space” enables us to share our ideas more freely, while feeling part by an united team with similar values.
More about the “third space” may be found on our third space dedicated website:

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