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Joey Doesn’t Share Food! I Don’t Share Sayl!

As soon as we found what is the Third Space of Sofia, we met Christian Gostanian — a seafarer who survived a pirate attack in Africa, DJ for many years, a man who has not worked even a day in an office and moreover, he is the lucky man who won a SAYL chair from our game raffle. Many of our friends alleged corruption schemes in winning the ergonomic chair, but we did not succumb and this gave us the opportunity to meet Christian, to understand who he is, what is his business and why his Third Space is full of water, mountains and love.                                        

Christian Gostanian: By profession I am a chief mate. Since 2008 I am a seafarer. I origin from Varna, but I came in Sofia because the people are more colourful.

Workspace: The story with seafaring is interesting as a reference as the name of SAYL (the chair you won) is sounding similar as “Sail” in English. Did you sail with sails?

C. G.: I have never been on sailing ships, only on motor ones, i.e. everything is automated and this romance such as on the sailing ships is absent.

WS: I would like to ask you a question with regard to the travelling. What is your most interesting journey?

C. G.: 2 years ago we had a very close encounter with Somali pirates. We were on a mission to rescue another ship. It was like I was in another world. They fired on us. They wanted to seize the ship and take us as hostages, but
they did fail ... We had persons from the special forces of the ship. There is no other journey that may be compared with that.

WS: How did you learn about “The hunt for the Third Space in Sofia” and which is your Third Space?

C. G.: A friend of mine has liked the page, but I do not even remember exactly who he was to treat him. Actually, it was interesting when I told my sisters’ boyfriend that I won such a chair — he was very happy, yet he was
not very pleased. He bought a chair from you saying only very nice things about it. In addition to being purple, I know that is has only half of the extras you offer, and he again is very satisfied. He is a designer. His parents are dealing with furniture and he is very skilful in these things, and therefore he has chosen SAYL. All the day he draws sitting in this chair.

My Third Space should have water, mountains and love. If I have to work in an office, then I would like the chairs to transform in sunbeds and then to beds :) I have not worked even a day in an office, although on the ship I did a lot of paperwork in a chair. However, unfortunately I may not take my SAYL with me as only 20 kg is allowed per person on board. We limit ourselves even from underwear :)

Her girlfriend Boyana who is also with us: I will use the chair! I am sitting in any poses and always get twisted, everywhere it hurts, I am writing for a long time on the PC, so I will use the chair when you may not take it with you.

C. G.: Joey doesn’t share food! I don’t share SAYL! Just kidding. OK, you will use the chair. But for a symbolic rent :) My family name, however, is Armenian :) You work in an office (turning to Boyana), say what is your Third Space.

B.: I am dealing with online marketing. Our office is absolutely standard, however, people are quite unusual — they predispose me in large extent. Furthermore, there is a possibility of occasional work outside the office, which is charging me. When there is absolute silence and everybody is quietly clicking or are nervous, I totally may not not focus. I’m most productive when I sit in a restaurant or even on the beach. Even in the train I am more productive.

WS: Should you listen to a music on that chair and what kind?

C. G.: Oh, yes! We are much in the music! It is trance, house, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and this chair is very predisposing to jazz. I am thinking about a track while we are talking about SAYL, there is a very funny reference to the name :)



And this is one song that fits the feeling of the chair:



I voted for Culture Beat in the game! Because I had played music there. I am a DJ in my leisure time. Is is like my hobby.

WS: You still did not mentioned the most important :)

C. G.: I am playing music occasionally at some places, two styles – hip-hop/R&B and house. My father is a musician. He is the source of the inspiration. My artistic nickname is Sixty Nine! It was the stupid idea of a friend of mine in 1998 and since then I did not change it.

Thank you, it was super! May you use your chair in good health and without limits :)

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