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Plamen from Studio zoom is one of the most influential architects of the so called ‘new wave.’ Together with Todor Todorov and Nikolay Nikolov more than 10 years ago they found together studio Zoom. The studio immediately establishes their bold approach and innovative thinking with their quality, modern and minimalistic projects. ‘The sculpting’ of the environment is one of their trade marks. Here is what Plamen shared with Workspace on their third space projects.

[More projects Plamen Todorov and colleagues from Zoom studio can be viewed on our blog and on their website.]

‘The third space without a doubt is important, but it also should be mentioned that it works not specifically in places where work and personal life meet, but where this happens naturally (not like say formal team buildings). Its purpose depends most of all on the work atmosphere in the office and of course on the people themselves. This new type of lounge areas that became famous with Google’s offices and other IT companies has to serve the people it’s aimed for – the employees. The feel of a third space reflects the people in it. If the majority prefers to read books and magazines – then what they need is a library. If they like games – then foosball table. If they like nature – winter garden, grass or even real sand. The first thing that companies should do if they decide to invest in such an office area is to make a survey among the employees and then communicate the outcome to the designers.’

‘How to create a third space in five steps’:
1. Ask your employees
2. Find the right place
3. Don’t be influenced by others, look for what your company needs
4. Choose the right materials
5. Constantly change it

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