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After several weeks in which you had the opportunity to nominate and vote for place significant with its unique presence and energy and recreating the ideas in our city, now we can announce "The third space of ​​Sofia" winner - Betahaus. Their nomination was titled "office for people who do not work in office". The place which represents creative atmosphere in an informal environment, place where you can work all around, place where you can exchange know-how and useful contacts, create new opportunities that can lead to joint ventures and revolutionary ideas. / See more here:

And  "The Hunt for the third space of ​​Sofia" award - ergonomic chair Sayl designed by Yves Behar - goes to Christian Gostanyan. We choose exactly Sayl to be the face of this campaign because when Yves Behar created Sayl, he was looking for the same ethereal, support and allegory to connect people and ideas like the bridges of San Francisco. Sayl is a symbol of the unlimited ideas for life without boundaries!

We hope that this third space hunt connected you with knowledge and ideas that can help you to improve the way you work and inspired you. We believe that in the end of this there will be more third spaces in our offices and more places like this in our city.

Thank you all for the enthusiasm and the support!

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