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Workspace has a tremendous knowledge in building effective and ergonomic office with care of people and their fundamental needs and the type of work performance. Here we share with you some of this knowledge! Enjoy reading!

How to Sit Better

Since 1950, Herman Miller has been devoted to the mission to answer what the perfect chair has to be and to the question:

How does ergonomics, function and design need to intertwine to provide comfort and increase productivity?

Sit Back in the Chair

Sitting in front of the chair for prolonged periods of time makes us lose the natural S curve of the spine and slouch. We need to have stability provided by both the seat and the back. We need to have our feet on the ground with a comfortable 90 degree angle that does not constrict the blood flow. Avoid sitting at the edge of the chair. If we are not using the back of the chair we are not using the full functionality of the chair.

Make Sure the Chair Provides Pelvis Support

It’s impossible to slouch if your pelvis is rotated forward and supported by the chair. If in deep recline, it’s okay to use foot pillow for additional comfort.

The Armrests need to be Adjustable

The importance of armrests is often forgotten when choosing a work chair. The height needs to be adjusted so that the arms are supported without the need to lift the shoulders. This also allows the wrist to be straight and relaxed. It’s important for the armrests to be width adjustable so that the chair can accommodate people with different sizes.

Open Up

When the chair follows our movements instead of the other way around, we feel comfortable. The chair needs to be able to take off the weight from the spine and allow our body to breathe. This improves both our health and our work process.

Be Aware of Your Body

It’s easy to lose ourselves in the task at hand. If the environment and furniture constantly makes us strain and lose concentration because our body sends us signal that it’s uncomfortable this makes us lose days from work due to health issues and also decreases our productivity and focus. An old misconception is to perceive the time spent in front of the computer with being productive.

The successful modern companies realize that it’s productive to move, to stand to sit.
It’s productive to be comfortable!

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