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Unique and Distinguishing Design

Aeron is a landmark in the history of furniture design and ergonomics. It’s an icon that has changed the way people perceived their work places and put the importance of comfort at the forefront in a world where sitting in front of the computer at work and even at home has taken most of our time during the day.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Bill Stumpf | Don Chadwick

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift


Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Bill Stumpf | Don Chadwick

Chair Adjustments (according to the model some of these features are optional):

Height: intuitive control of the height of the seat

Posture Fit: the mechanism allows adjustment of the tension control of the pelvis.

Tilt Mechanism : allows you to change the tension, the position where you want the limiter to stop the recline and allow for the forward tilt to follow you when your work requires you to sit forward.

Armrests: you can change the height, width and angle of the armrests.

Lumbar Support: the lumbar area of the spine is the part that varies the most in humans so it is important to position the support according to your own arch.


Aeron is a chair designed to fit the body perfectly and provide perfect support while accommodating the motions with its three sizes and adjustable features.Aeron is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Arts.

Pellicle: an innovative material that fits your body perfectly and allows it to breathe, keeping its temperature normal. The woven design distributes the weight of the sitter evenly so that there are no pressure points and the blood circulation is not affected.

PostureFit: a feature designed to promote pelvis support that provides maximum comfort and is flexible according to the sitter’s proportions and size.